Pros and cons of opening own business

Author: Ruslan Grigoryev
Date: 06.03.2014

Pros and cons of opening own business. And the boss’s and the employee’s view at the situation.

How often do you think about how many businessmen are free in their choices? How many people would like to get into the business sphere? What's there, behind it? Why someone finds easier to work in the already-established system, and someone needs to build this system themselves?

The fact is that the employee gives his boss imaginary freedom. Work schedule, payroll, recruitment – it's considered as a manifestation of the superiors’ will in the employee’s eyes. Most often, such decisions fall in favor of the employee, but the man is designed so, that he still finds something to think about and see where confirmation of his theories is.

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Pros and cons of opening own business.

What sees his boss? What is his freedom? Adopting a schedule depends on the number of hours allocated to each employee, and the Labor Code cannot be evaded. Salaries, bonuses, allowances – it’s so important to assess all, and note the quality of the work done by each one, etc. It turns out that the same freedom turned into a big responsibility. But! Taking such a responsibility you will be able to decide and choose. Is it not freedom? The main thing – is to set a goal, but choosing the path to that goal – is freedom. After all, business is chosen according to the will, even to the temperament. Ability to enjoy such freedom makes people happier.

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