Kazakhstan as the best example of a successful startup

Author: Ruslan Grigoryev
Date: 06.03.2014

Kazakhstan is the best example of a successful startup. Without going into all stages of development, Kazakhstan successfully passed on the exit stage. We confidently declared ourselves in sports, construction, science, culture, we came on the world stage and we have something to show.

Astana – the capital and worthy ornament of the country is not only proof of Kazakhstan’s success, but also it is the platform for more opportunities to large investors and very young companies. Our President in his annual State-of-the-nation addresses repeatedly points out to the importance of business development in Kazakhstan. Hence, there is a good government’s support in this matter.

But what is Kazakhstan citizens’ attitude to business?

If, just a decade before we associated businessman with dirty work and dirty money, today, we call him «Brand». Western style plus traditional Asian colors – this is what the business in Kazakhstan looks like.

Forbes.kz regularly performs top ratings of influential businessmen of Kazakhstan. Big business is always in the limelight, but the main focus is put on small and medium link of the entire business system. To see the whole picture of business in Kazakhstan, let us look at the life portrait of average Kazakhstani businessman.

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Победителем казахстанского этапа международного конкурса EY «Предприниматель года 2014» (Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award) признан президент Группы автомобильных компаний «Allur Group» Андрей Лаврентьев.

Morning. Children are needed to be taken to kindergarten. 10.00 To get to the office. 12.00 meeting with partners about the lease of new premises, and at lunch to go to the tour agency to book tickets … Winter holidays just around the corner, the whole family will rest on the sea, we have a tradition. But where is the folder with receipts? Forgot in the car! Again! Am I getting old? 40, it's okay, just tired after yesterday evening.

Such a sketch can be extended further, but the basis remains as like:

In Kazakhstan businessman has a family and he gives it enough time. Life is organized, he has nice cars, own house, and trips are planned. He opened his business just a few years ago because he gave years to the civil service, where earned the required amount of money to open the business, with the help of banks, of course. Another possible way: there were difficult times of failures and heavy successes, global crisis, etc. That led to doing business the way it is now.

Most often, a typical businessman has no professional education for the sphere of his business. He does not follow the results of the evening KASE session, but awareness of what are the goals and desires, makes him a competitive businessman.

Family’s well-being – is a very strong motivation to do business even not as a basic employment, but as an additional income. So do many Kazakhstanis.

And who are the others, who are these young people who meet for business lunches in restaurants and coffee-shops, loudly discussing the latest marketing trends, politics and sport? Their time is here and now, they are not afraid to take risks, to try themselves, and then move on, investing money and knowledge into something more.

Young businessmen – it is an image of modern commerce standards. Such businessmen are financially educated in the prestigious universities; have mentors and partners: first ones – give fatherly sage advices of how to run business, the second ones – develop together with them complementing missing skills by work.

The Westernization plus the best of our mentality, this is a formula of a strong and unique type of modern Kazakh businessman, who represents the country in the global market and does that with dignity.

Today we can see that modern businessmen are interested in more experience and need advices. New appearing trainings, relevant literature suggests that modern business people understand the importance of knowledge. They want to develop themselves, improve the efficiency of their staffs, and learn new things. We can see a strong development of competitive business based on market researches and study of psychology and leadership, and thus, we can say, that Kazakhstan has a successful business future.

So, there are two types of businessmen in Kazakhstan: the typical traditional businessmen, and the future of our business – young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Now let's think about how those successful projects that surround us grow so fast, and why some of them are closed before they could begin to function efficiently?

There is also the third type of businessmen in Kazakhstan. These other business people are those who rely on their experience of trials and mistakes. You could even say that these people write books for us, tell us business stories, and give us advices. They combine two types: maybe non-core education, and – definitely clear desires and goals. This is the image of our modern businessman. His career began in the student days, when he decided to work in the profession, inherited from the head of the family, or selected with friends, when they first came to the feeling that they could be financially independent.

Is this a big Risk? Of course! Without the experience and special means, without the knowledge and any support, modern businessman dared to open his business, met with difficulties, which he had never read in books … What doesn’t kill us, as we all know, makes us stronger. It’s something like a selection in the wild, and it was good, because we got an experience which gave us our own rules, principles and beliefs.

Did not work right? Go left. Customers do not react on the green façade? Make it hot pink! And then in a couple of years passed we see on our shelves business books à la «Choose a color – increase sales». I want to say that everything comes from the experience and effort. It often happens that a modern businessman acts as if he exactly knows what from to expect a positive result, and what is not worth of efforts. It is called instinct, and it is developed even if you do not read Kiyosaki and Kawasaki. Great authors, by the way! But when modern Kazakhstan businessmen had already begun developing their own business, American writers only began to write their books.

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