This simple marketing

It is so hard to imagine a company thriving without advertising in our time of everyday competition. If you are the only seller of “goods essentials” in the region, you do not even need to think how to sell them. If you are not, then you definitely need to use advertising. Most likely, you’ve tried various ways of PR-ing your business, giving large sums of money, and thinking about whether or not it was worth doing it.

Statistics says that advertising costs should be 10% of the desired turnover, and this is an impressive amount. The question is how to cut costs and save money?

After our training, you will know precisely how to promote your company efficiently and cost-effectively!

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"This simple marketing" training

You will learn what types of ads are good for you. In addition, you will design your own advertising campaign and understand how to track its effectiveness. Also You will learn all little secrets of creating unobtrusive and interesting advertising, and get to know the fascinating concept of «This simple marketing»..

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