Business — the way it should be

To succeed you must realize that the business world is constantly changing and requires us flexible solutions. Grigoryev Consulting Group - is probably the only consulting company in Kazakhstan, which opens new and exciting ways of promoting your business.

Our company is unique in the Kazakhstan market because we do not offer ready-made «template» solutions. We have a real exclusive experience, and we have much to share with you.

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Как достигать поставленные цели?

Радислав Гандапас дает совет для достижения поставленных целей.

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Kazakhstan as the best example of a successful startup

Kazakhstan is the best example of a successful startup...

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Камасутра для оратора (Р. Гандапас.)

Книга об ораторстве в формате аудио.

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Как выдающиеся лидеры вдохновляют действовать?

Выступление Саймона Синек на конференции TED-2009.

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